Sunday, May 20, 2012

SHE says, MOM says Q&A Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I just wanted say a special thanks to Melissa Taylor for promoting my blog! I’m really exited for all my new readers. I tried to respond to as many comments as I could but didn’t get to all of them. I did read each of them and wanted to say thank each of you for stopping by!

Ok so like I’ve been reading through all the comments from the Tweens and Texting post. This is a BIG topic and I was glad to hear all your feedback. So, then I talked to my mom and we thought it might be good to talk more about social media and tweens.  You know like twitter, facebook or skype.

Then we came up with this idea called:

The SHE says, MOM says Segment

On Wednesday my blog post will be a question and answer session with my mom. We will both have the same questions and will each write our answers for you to see. 

But, I need your help to come up with the questions. Here’s an example of the type of question I’m looking for:

“How old should you be to have a facebook account?”

I’m pretty sure we will have VERY different responses. Like, I would say NOW but I’m almost positive my mom would say like when I’m… 42. So it should get pretty interesting (if you know what I mean.)

PLUS, super excited about this… anyone who leaves a question in the comment section will be entered to win a $10 iTunes gift card. All comments must be in by Tuesday night at 12pm EST.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

So, if you’re a mom, tween, grandma, or if you have a tween in your life leave a question about tweens and social media (facebook, twitter, skype, texting, and etc.) and you will be entered in the drawing for a $10 iTunes gift card!

Who wouldn’t want free stuff? So leave a question! J


  1. Hey Taylor! Great topic this week! I'm your Grandma and I just started
    using Facebook and still have not yet mastered it
    completely!! The only reason I check Facebook is because
    your dad Kris and Uncle Craig say I miss sooooo much
    if I am not on Facebook. Ever since Craig, Dawn, and Mason
    were here visiting, Daddy went to Guatemala on his
    mission trip and you started your blog I have been
    on Facebook and TatorTots Thoughts daily!! I still believe that
    a phone call is the most personal and the best mode
    of communication but I was a tween in the 60's!! My question is. Is a
    phone call the most personal and best way to communicate? Love
    you Taylor! Grandma

  2. Hi Taylor, What a cool blog! My question is how often should a parent monitor their tween's social media account? Daily? Weekly? At random intervals?

    Just curious,


  3. Your blog is so fresh and original! Love it.

    Here’s my situation with questions: In order to participate in social media an active tween normally needs a smart phone. My daughter wants an iPhone, but it is over $200 and well, the monthly amount is high, too, for the two year contract. I’m sure that isn’t news to you!

    Anyway, how is the financial end of this technology handled in your family? Did your parents explain the contract with you? What would you do if it was decided the cost was no longer able to be afforded?

  4. Hi Taylor. Another great idea. What is the social etiquette in checking text messages while you are with another person. Hugs. Mimi

  5. How about: Is it fair for parents to know the passwords for all of their kids' accounts?