Thursday, May 24, 2012

The SHE said, MOM said segment: Social Media

Hi everyone! Here’s the special blog post I’ve been waiting for all week!!

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The SHE said, MOM said segment
So my mom and me will answer questions that you left in the comments about tweens and social media. We will have the same question but we will have MUCH different responses, so keep reading! J
1.)    How often should a parent monitor a tween social media account?
SHE: I say maybe like once a month randomly so your tween won’t expect it and if they are doing something negative with their social media site you will know. Like, my mom would kill me if I broke any of the laws that we discussed in the beginning (when I first got a phone).
MOM: I say daily or at least weekly.
2.)    What would happen if the tweens phone is no longer affordable?
SHE: I would say if the tweens phone is not affordable the tween should understand and be able to let the phone go. But you could let her have some other social media to communicate with her friends such as Facebook, twitter, or a Skype account. These options are free or cost very little.
MOM: Taylor did have to earn her phone and she knows that loosing her phone can always be a consequence for poor choices. Fortunately, we were due for an upgrade so she got my old iPhone and it only added an extra $10 onto our monthly bill. We did make a contract with Taylor and if any of the mom’s would like a copy of it, shoot me an email at: and I will send it to you. I agree with Taylor that sometimes we have to make sacrifices as a family so if there came a point where we needed to end her cellphone for financial reasons, I would hope that she would understand.
3.)    Should you check your messages if your with people or friends?
SHE: Yes I feel that you should check your messages; this is because what if it is important or someone needs you. The person who texted you will think that you don’t matter or something like that you could just respond with a GTG (got to go).
MOM: Depends. If its something that is important or if they are just saying hi quickly to someone, I think its ok. But it is important that tweens and adults engage face-to-face with people so we should be focused on the person we are with. 
4.)    Should parents know tweens social media account passwords?

SHE: Yes just because they have the right to know. But this doesn’t mean that parents have to check whatever it is 500 times a day! If I were a parent I would trust my kid and know that they are not doing anything bad and only check when I think I need to.

MOM: Yes. There should be nothing to hide. Moms need to respect their tweens privacy but should always have access to everything that a tween is doing online or on their cell phone. 

So thanks for reading J (BTW I told you that we were going to have different answers!)
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  1. Love this!! I'll have to bookmark it for when Aster is old enough to have a phone :0)